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Dragon in the sky.

As old as space and time itself.

The Dragon in the sky signifies three core values. 

Immortality. Mythicism. Freedom.

The dragon in the sky signifies Andre Rome Realty. The foundation of who we are. We believe in the future of humanity. Bold builders of the perception of immortality.


With each day we will strive to build each other with positive reinforcement. Our connection with astrology relates to the core belief of who we are as humans. Our dragon signifies enlightenment, wisdom, and truth.

The navy blue signifies the night of sky. As celestial beings we are as one with the dragon. The dragon wielding the immortal flame navigates through darkness as a beacon of light. Building peers past confusion.

We are the pathway towards longevity. We become what we believe we are. Born with a will to build. Own your land. Own your future. Protect your lineage.

As our family become successful the dragon will lend us strength. The dragon symbolizes prosperity and wealth. As we continue to build upon ourselves we advance our generations further along the path of evolutionism. 


Andre Rome2018/06/27

Showbiz Overdo Returns

My shirt stinks. Probably because I’ve been working. I think it’s time for a toke. Productivity is key. After a long stroll I’ve finally taking a deep breath of my city. My future city. I’ve taken the liberty to celebrate today’s date. The Showbiz Overdo has finally returned. 

It’s been a few years since my last entry. I know it’s been a while. A lot has happened over the years. The entertainment industry has weight. Be sure you have a strong backbone. It’s been great thus far. Never what I expected. Still always ever changing. My speed though.

Just got back from another event. Nailed it!

Oh. A lot has changed since we last spoke. Yet and still a lot of the same goals in pursuit. When we last chatted I obtained my masters degree in entertainment business. After graduating lived in Europe organizing events and building my new book series. I just recently returned back to my homeland. Boston bound.

Along my path towards perfection I have been gaining a ton of experience. As veterans we are always taught how to adapt in any situation. Considering the environment I happen to be a product of. 

I’m “Built Ford Tough”. 

Oh. Did you know it was my birthday?

Today I met a real life bootlegger. For real. You have to take me seriously. Laughing out loud. Nah. Seriously though. That’s what every liquor distributor would be today. Right? If this was the nineteen twenties. Now look us today. 

"Light it up, smoke it up, toke it up, inhale... exhale." 

The entertainment Industry legalized our favorite plant. Or am I the only one who feels this way? The frowning faces of past generations are actually a lot fewer than expected. It seems that most adults in this country agreed amoungst themselves that this plant was more useful than harmful with the power of their own perceptive eyes. No legal assistance needed.

Funny how that works. 

A simple shift within the common perception of society can change a criminal into a successful businessman and or woman. A country filled with convicted felons are now America’s misunderstood revolutionaries. Which side of the fence are you on? 

I’m more likely the guy sitting in the back row of the court with my feet kicked in the air. Rooting for the bootleggers and the underground gold miners. The entrepreneurs and investors of our future. Let’s not tell anyone though. Been doing some brainstorming over here. Secret squirl meetings.

Let’s see how things pan out. We still have over half of country to wake up. Afterwards the world! 

Andre Rome2017/05/02


ANDREAM UG is dedicated company that is focused towards inspiring today’s generations to inspire generations tomorrow. Characters within the novel’s infinite multiverse endorse seduction, dreams, and an imaginative way of living. The company’s primary mission is entertaining positive, creative, and intellectual youths who yearn for knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Our characters inspire readers to search within to find the solutions to their internal problems. The employees lead by example by maintaining our ideology. ANDREAM UG is to becoming an international brand.

Andre Rome2017/03/21


During this industry research will be discussing four of the most current innovations in the digital entertainment industry. First issue is how Machinima is dominating the web series market. The second is whether mobile tablets are a gift or potential curse. The third issue will be about the most versatile camera, the GoPro HD Hero 5. The final issue will be how Vyclone has the potential to become crowdsourcing innovators.

Machinima dominating web series
One of the most successful leaders in digital entertainment is Machinima. Machinima is a programming movement that is aimed towards young males between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. The network creates real-time animation by manipulating video game engines and utilizing their assets. Video game fanatics like myself benefit because we are able to connect with our favorite games characters in a new way. Machinima creates scripted series featuring original content. One of the most successful series is Mortal Kombat, which I have become a fan favorite of today. Machinima is one of the top ranked entertainment networks on YouTube. Today the Internet allows content creators to access their community immediately. Machinima creates content daily, and also releases scheduled series and seasons. In the future web series have the potential to dominate the digital entertainment. According to they are serving more than 2 billion monthly video views and reaching over 175 million unique each month.

Mobile Tablets are a gift or curse?
Tablets have become one of the major reasons that digital entertainment has become so successful in the recent years. Tablets are affordable, portable and convenient. They have also become more accessible as many leading companies in digital entertainment have developed their own version of the tablets. Devices like the I-pad, Kindle Fire, Nexus, and Surface are replacing television, the radio and libraries. In the business world, tablets are replacing office materials, and paperwork. In the entertainment industry tablets have become one of the primary selections for news, film, and entertainment. According to the Scientific American the brain prefers the paper to the tablet. When using paper the brain processes the information more clearly. Also the brain remembers more information that is read on paper. I find that interesting to think that we are now investing a program, which replaces every book in our school system and replaces it with a tablet. In some situations we might need to support the use of paper instead of the tablet.

GoPro HD Hero 5 is the world's most versatile camera
The GoPro HD Hero 5 is the next generation of video cameras. It has transformed into a mainstream technology that is changing the way that we see the world today. The camera is small and portable. The latest model Hero 5 allows you to control up to 50 cameras on a single remote. The gooseneck handheld grip is adjustable and flexible and can me mounted. Commercials, movies, music videos are now being recorded like never before. In 2012 the GoPro was used during the recorded space jump. The camera can also be used under water. It can be strapped to a wrist or the chest. The GoPro shoots in wide angle, and works up to 197 feet below water. It is also very affordable. The latest model only cost $200 dollars. Filmmakers today have been bursting with innovation and pushing the boundaries in the industry. The one problem that they have is competition. Canon EOS 650D and the EOS 5D Mark III is one of the leading competitors. Some of the advantages the GoPro camera has is that is records in higher quality, has a wider wide-angle lens (5mm vs. 25mm), and records in 24 pixel. However, it doesn’t have image stabilization, and lacks a built in HDR feature. It also lacks in a built in panorama and doesn’t take 3D according to Even with Canon’s competition, the GoPro HD Hero 5 remains to be the most versatile camera in digital entertainment.

Vyclone crowdsourcing champions
One of the most innovative applications that have been developed is Vyclone. Vyclone is an application that allows users to sync multiple videos together. This application can be useful for event. Concerts, festivals, and live performances can be captured in a way never before possible. Each user becomes part of a crowd sourced camera crew, shooting different facets of the action from a host of perspectives. Vyclone automatically synchronizes and edits each participant's raw footage, assembling a final cut featuring video from all available angles. Users also can access all the available footage to stitch together their own director's cut, and all videos may be shared via Facebook and Twitter. Every fan with a smartphone can potentially become a cameraman. Although Vyclone has not yet been able to sync hundreds of videos together they have created a scalable architecture for more cameras in the future. According to Vyclone has a legitimate chance to revolutionize how we are able to crowd-source recorded videos. Vyclone turns any event where multiple people shot footage into a well-edited film. The only problem is in order for you to use the application properly someone else has to be shooting at the same time. Users have to also upload the video to the application. Still, Vyclone creates innovative multi camera experience for consumers. 

These innovations have already impacted the digital entertainment world, as we know it today. The future of digital entertainment will continue to flourish as technology advances.


"Intelligence Has Swag" by SHOWBIZ OVERDO™

We at ANDREAM™ believe that is time for us as young adults and entrepreneurs to take a different approach on what we as role models influence our fans to label as sexy. We all should agree that sex appeal is mostly build around good looks, muscular bodies and voluptuous curves. The trait that is found to be the most lacking in the sex industry is Intelligence. There is nothing sexier to me than an educated woman with dreams and aspirations. Intellect triggers those aspirations with qualities such as confidence, ambition, and independence, three traits that can be vital for Intellectual swagger.

Confidence can be defined as one’s ability to believe in oneself. At ANDREAM™ we find confidence to be the most difficult and yet most rewarding of the three traits. Human beings are generally slaves of insecurities by instinct. Most hide behind blankets of false hope pretending to have faith in their own potential to succeed. The truth however, in most cases turns out to be the entire opposite. Confidence is one of the many stepping stones in living life. Each step taken is measure by one’s ability to rise upon the next. Without confidence a person’s “so called” swagger will continue to remain in jeopardy.

The next step in which we have found to be the cornerstone of one’s confidence, is Ambition. Ambition is the hand that rocks the cradle of success. The desire to self educate can only be controlled by the individual. The line that separates a person’s insanity from ingenious is measured only by one’s success and failures. Once you get to the point in life you’re not worried about who’s trying to stop you.

You will realize the only person who can stop you is yourself. Some people will never realize their full capabilities. For the select few of us who aim towards greatness within we advice that do not to step out of the way and clear the path. You see there is a science to every great mystery in life. Once one has mastered an obstacle, ambition will enable you to devour and advance to the next step in your path.

From the days of an infant man has been placed in several stages of life. Each test gradually ascending from one step to the next. The youth and innocence of childhood leads man always reaching for support, reaching for strength and guidance. As a young adult learns daily as blindfolds unravel, and light brings life a new meaning. The meaning is to be strong, to be resilient, and to have the ability to be able to take control of their actions. Each person is born with the ability to provide for them self and a family of their own. It is up to that individual to be able to step forward and claim their independence.

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