ANDREAM™ is a multi media adult entertainment company. The primary focus is providing consumers with content such as erotic graphic novels, comic books, web series, mobile and tablet applications based within the ANDREAMERS  MULTIVERSE. We value our costumers and make it our business to build valued relationships with our fans. We have a dedicated team of intellectual professionals working together to captivate the imaginations of readers and fans worldwide. ANDREAM™ revenue streams will include merchandize, website subscriptions, game console applications, TV series, film adaptations, licensing and publishing of our fictional characters, & live events.

The ANDREAM™ brand promises to unlock the unlimited possibilities of the human mind. The objective of the company is Event Management, Marketing & Promotion, Swinger lifestyle Events, Tour Management, Festivals, multi-media Publishing, Adult Film Production, Cinematography, Film adaptations, Television series development, licensing and publishing, clothing and merchandize, online website applications, Escort Agency, Model management, career development, performing artist, product development, adult sex toys, smoking accessories, audio & visual production, novels and books series, functions and fundraisers.

The overall goal of our brand identity strategy is to build a positive and interactive connection with fans and other communities. ANDREAM™ brand launches several polls online that provide the company with valuable feedback from consumers. There will be several types of products available both physically and digitally. Our company website will have contest, blogs, forums, and video content for our fans viewing pleasure. Our fans will be stimulated by seduction, dreams, and imagination. Customers will embrace our the brand motto... 




"First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Andre Rome. I am an entrepreneur and novelist for sci-fi and erotic novels. I am the founder of ANDREAM™. Our company caters to uplifting the mindset of society towards the traditional workingwoman. I believe in a future where women will be equal to men. Sexuality will not be viewed as a negative or derogative perception. The mind state of humanity will shift, as all will embrace our erotic and sexual liberation. It is important to our brand to uplift the views of the world towards the traditional workingwoman. ANDREAM™ provides high quality services, adult entertainment, swinger lifestyle events, lingerie, adult products, and erotica novels."


Since being honorably discharged from the military Andre Rome has spent the majority of his time focusing on education. He moved to Orlando, FL. where he attended Full Sail University in 2011. He completed his bachelor’s degree in entertainment business and helped found a small company dealing with music and entertainment. He moved back to Germany so that he could gain inspiration for his book. During this time period he studied the German language and acquired his masters degree online from Full Sail University in entertainment business. He then moved to the Mainz/Wiesbaden area where he focused his attention on organizing events. He helped support several veterans who were also Entreprenuers in the area.

Andre Rome has also organized and executed several events that he created in promotion for his brand new book series. He currently is over 70,000 words into his first book, which he plans to publish this year, in 2017. He also has twenty five working titles for the R.  THEMES OF HUMANITY™ book series and plans to create several spinoffs within the universe over the next sixty years. With his knowledge and experience he plans to build, publish, and market his creations. He has created the ANDREAM™ entity and plans to grow the brand with worldwide recognition in the future.

“I believe that this industry should not be viewed as something illegal or degrading. Escorts provide a time of lust and satisfaction for some men who do not have the opportunity to go out frequently for dates. Business men with limited time who would rather have a companion that they know would cater to their every desires.”

Andre Rome, Owner