Traveling throughout the multiverse in his present reality. RICHARD THEMES™ delivers a motivational speech to a crowd of young adults. Primarily horny young females. He aims to encourage youths to pay close attention to how life unfolds. Throughout his journeys across time and space, Richard has gained a level of experience using quantum mechanics and he plans to share with the future generations of humanity. 

He warns youths of the negative perceivers that have invaded a future that human beings are walking towards. We all must make a decision in order to perceive longevity and establish immortality for all. Will we allow a negative perceiver to control our path of which we choose to walk? Should we continue to follow dogmatic views of ancient civilizations? Or shall we take matters into our own hands? 

As QUANTUM TIME TRAVVELERS™ we must all be aware of the unlimited possibilities of the human mind. Perception is a choice. One that we have shared across the infinite cycle of time and creation. No outside or inside perception should govern or rule the thoughts of an individual. Our thoughts remain in silence without any interference or confusion. No trespassing on our minds. Or we shall destroy them.

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A future book series in the making. 

First titled will be announced shortly. Book will be released in 2018.