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Ask A Porn Star: "Porn Set Horror Stories II"

It's Halloween episode time. And so WoodRocket presents our Halloween episode, ASK A PORN STAR: PORN SET HORROR STORIES II. Features adult performers, Cadence Lux, Leya Falcon, Michael Vegas, Nickey Huntsman, Shyla Jennings, Kasey Warner, Amber Ivy, Riley Reid, Sheridan Love, Maxine X, Jenna J Ross, Katie Morgan, Ryan McLane, Charlotte Cross, August Ames, Kagney Linn Karter, Trillium, Sophia Grace, Cindy Starfall, Dixie Comet, Aaron WIlcoxxxx, and Amarna Miller.

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Dr. Amorous2016/11/23

Elizabeth Foxx, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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Hi, everyone! My name is Elizabeth Foxx, your sexy busty andreamer here for your sensory pleasure with beautiful eyes meant for gazing into and a libido to put you into overdrive. Welcome to my world of extreme passion and pleasure!

I am a very sexy lady full of intelligence, curves, and a very genuine sparkling personality that will blow your mind! I am your curvaceous bombshell treat that will have your mouth watering. From my super soft sexy lips to my silky smooth skin, my touch will have your full attention. I will cater to your every need! I am very enchanting, passionate and I love to pamper you with extreme sensuality.

Our time together will be unrushed and playful. I will leave you with a memorable amazing experience. I am the true GFE companion for you. I have a vibrant personality, lots of energy and a very naughty side. Come and meet me today. Let’s have fun tonight!

Dr. Amorous2016/11/23

Emily Erotica, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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Dr. Amorous2016/11/23

Helen Heavenly, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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Helen Heavenly™

Dr. Amorous2016/11/23

Nancy Valentine, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

My Burning Desire

Tonight, as I lay here in this darkened room,
My body helpless as desire seems to consume.
My bed so lonely without you laying here next to me,
As steaming hot passion burns uncontrollably free.

My lips are moistened, with my feverish tongue,
As inside my heart, flaming desires are definitely sprung.
My breast bare, as the night chill gives them a rush,
I begin to moan, but try hard to keep it hush.

Tenderly, my fingers dribble down my bare breast,
To delicate places, my fingers slowly come to a rest.
I circle my nipple, as a chill flows through,
Inside of me a passion burns, so deep with thoughts of you.

As sweat begins to build, upon my body so well,
I linger on to places, that even more feelings can dwell.
Down to my stomach, my fingers seem to glide,
Down to that spot, where my passion seems to hide.

A hot burning desire, I feel the flames flowing so free,
As my fingers dip into the deeper depths of me.
So wet and flaming the power of my desire,
Inside this spot is the total height of my extreme fire.

My mind trapped in thoughts of you beside me so,
As I want with excitement, 
The faster my fingers seem to go.
A deep sigh, a erotic moan, a deep emotion breaking free,

Sounds of rapture wanting to erupt, 
And open up to total ecstasy.
A burning desire, inside my body so deep,
So much hot passion, that I moan, 

Unable for silence to keep.
Thoughts of you consume my soul and my heart,
As this burning desire within me comes forth to depart.
I let go of myself, and seem to float high above,

As emotions inside me remind me of your sweet love.
My bed empty, where in my mind you lay,
Upon my body, a burning desire I can't keep away.
Oh tonight, I may dream and feel this rapture, so true,

But, tomorrow, my love, 
I will give all this desire to you, and only you.
A burning desire, inside we both shall feel,
As tonight may be just a fantasy, 

But tomorrow it will be so real.


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Nancy Valentine™

Dr. Amorous2016/11/23

Ivana Spanglish, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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If your walls could speak,
Would they talk about us
And the things we've done,
As silent they've stood witness?

Would they tell of how
You've anxiously turned me to face them,
Impatiently shoving against,
As soon as I've stepped through your door...

Your left hand holding my neck firmly,
The right dropping my defenses to my ankles,
Fingers exploring realms,
Soaking in delight?

Would they express how you've made me squirm,
And burn with an uncontrollable desire;
How I've moaned for you to go deep inside,
With swelling lips begging to be hushed?

Would they disclose how you force me to the floor, 
Down on all fours,
While I've whimpered and writhed,
Like a dog, begging for more?

And of how I've pleaded with you,
To drive in from behind,
As they've watched without a sound,
Us imitating two animals in a mating ritual?

Would they voice how you've raised me from the ground,
Thighs straddling your waist,
As you slipped inside, legs wrapped around,
For a ride to your bedroom,

Leaving them to wonder what comes next?


Dr. Amorous2016/11/23

Classy Masseuse, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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If you are having a cramp. Time to book your next appointment to our massage therapist. You want a little more than your average happy ending? If you are searching for a top quality masseuse that takes pleasure in stimulating your mind, body and soul. Make sure you come prepared to be satisfied. This classy lady specializes in full body massages with some of our special edible oils that can be found here at the AnDreamers Multiverse. She is the one that will eat you alive. 

Dr. Amorous2016/11/02

ANDREAM™ Sex Tips: BDSM for beginners and/or slightly nervous people

How to setup a super hot BDSM / kinky sex scene that is safe, contained, responsible and something you can feel comfortable approaching your lover about. 

Thank you to the gorgeous Ms Renee Trevi for the use of some of her beautiful footage. If you want to know more about her checkout her website here: http://msreneetrevi.com

If you'd love to explore six different types of sex with your lover, then head on over to my website and get notified when my Epic Lovers course opens up in a few weeks (this is the only course of it's kind in the world!!) http://www.epicloverscourse.com

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The term BDSM, composed of the first letters of the names "Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism", describes a very diverse group of mostly sexual behaviors, among others, with dominance and submission, playful punishment and Lustschmerz or restraining games may be related.

Dr. Amorous2016/11/02


In this video I talk about the difference between fantasy and desire followed by 5 of the most common female fantasies, including sex with a stranger, rape fantasies, and stripping. I talk about the underlying themes of the most common fantasies: control and desire. I also hypothesize that these themes are, in part, a product of the confusing messages sent to women about sexuality. I finish by masturbating.

Female sex fantasies life fantasizing rape fantasy sexual assault rapist sexy womens woman sexuality feminine empowerment desire versus gender orientation relationships dating sex.

Dr. Amorous2016/11/02

ANDREAM™ Sex Tips: BDSM 101!

In this episode of Sex Plus, Laci gives a brief overview to BDSM. She begins by review what it is and how it's safely practiced, including the introduction of BDSM-specific terminology. In the second half of the video, she discusses the feminist criticism that BDSM encourages violence against women as well as mainstream perceptions about those who practice BDSM. She concludes by encouraging people to respect the sex lives of consenting adults.

Dr. Amorous2016/10/26

ANDREAM™ Sex Tips: How to Stimulate a Clitoris

watch the new episode of Sexpert here!

Dr. Amorous2016/10/26

ANDREAM™ Sex Tips: How to Use Meditation for Mind Blowing Sex

This talk Emily Fletcher, one of the world's leading experts in Meditation, was filmed at Awesomeness Fest, Mindvalley’s transformational event for entrepreneurs and game-changers interested in personal growth. For more info, visit: http://www.awesomenessfest.com.

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ANDREAM™ Sex Tips: HOW TO EAT - My Magical Guide For Evolved People

Learn the secrets to an amazing cunnilingus.. She ll never forget you. ♥ ♥ ♥ SIGN UP FOR MY ONLINE LOVE COURSES: