Dr. Amorous2016/10/11

Die Teacher's Pet, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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Class is about to end and your favorite little trouble maker is disrupting class again. Her name is already on the chalkboard with three check marks. She might have brought you that apple in the morning. However that doesn't substitute for misbehavior. Time for you to pull out the ruler and make sure she knows who's class this is. Now the bell has rung and all the students have left the class room. Except one... Detention anyone? 

Dr. Aromous2016/08/06

S.S. Jenny 2000, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

"Ladies and Gentlemen: This bisexual dreamboat will keep you a float while you may feel like a castaway lost at sea. If you are in town for a business trip and you cannot find the most desirable dessert on the menu in the hotel lobby? Then it is time for you to order the type of room service that comes without the deliver guy… Forget about the soft core pornographic material that the cable channel has to offer. Time to order the complete package."

Sonyuru Ivanov

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S.S. Jenny 2000™