Dr. Amorous2016/10/18

Barbie Babylon, ANDREAM™ Courtesans 

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Not even the richest man in Babylon could resist giving Barbie his first ten percent. Who on earth could resist? She walks into the room. Drops to her knees. Then begins worshiping your throne. You wouldn't have to be her king to experience exceptional servitude. Only her King for tonight. Forbidden pleasures should be enjoyed. Do not allow society to dictate your perception of over indulgence. Fill yourself with euphoric pleasures only obtained by those of whom which have the desire to obtain what the mind yurns for the most. 

Dr. Amorous2016/10/04

Salma Swallow, ANDREAM™ Courtesans

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Ever thought of how your day would be if you were escorted by a professional porn star? How do you imagine your evening would be? How about your night? Having more than two thousand films under her belt which can be found a click of a button. It would be difficult for anyone not to find exactly what you are paying for. When experience matter, do yourself a favor and look no further. You have selected a award winning sex goddess for your evening of seduction, dreams, and imagination. 

Dr. Aromous2016/08/10

Kitten Leo Meow, ANDREAM™ Courtesans

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This lovely lioness prefers to greet you after a long bath. Her soft skin and warm touch will keep your arousal at it’s climax. Frankfurt does not seem too far away when you are in the mood to make this kitten purr. If you are searching for a submissive who knows how to behave. Then you should contact us today to schedule an appointment. Petite, obedient, with a frame that demands your erect attention. Gentlemen, do not forget your paddles!

Dr. Aromous2016/08/06

S.S. Jenny 2000, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

"Ladies and Gentlemen: This bisexual dreamboat will keep you a float while you may feel like a castaway lost at sea. If you are in town for a business trip and you cannot find the most desirable dessert on the menu in the hotel lobby? Then it is time for you to order the type of room service that comes without the deliver guy… Forget about the soft core pornographic material that the cable channel has to offer. Time to order the complete package."

Sonyuru Ivanov

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S.S. Jenny 2000™

Dr. Amorous2016/08/03

Oh Glory, Oh Gloria, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

"Oh Lord… Oh Glory… Oh Gloria… These might be your last words before her tongue leaves the most sensitive areas of your being. Do not be ashamed. She has left most men barely capable of standing hours after her departure. Whether she is accompanying you on a business trip to Dubai. Or visiting your hotel suite for romantic evening. Just keep in mind that you will lust for more. You will not want this appointment to end. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Do not hesitate to contact us and book another satisfying night."

Dr. Amorous

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Oh Glory, Oh Gloria™