Andre Rome2017/08/01


Her legs are now placed high into the air, 
The length of her limbs are felt by his palms
Hunger takes over as his mouth begins to water,
Massaging her ankle gently with his tongue
Bites appear on her thigh as he make his descent,
Lower… Lower… than lower… He climbs.

Her body begins to speak in multiple languages,
As most cunnilinguist. He understand her quite well
The outside of her clitorus begins to glisten,
The saliva from his mouth moistens his finger tips
He enter her castle doors without thought to knock,
Her moans reassure him that he is welcome.

His tongue rides the waves that make her ocean,
Tides begins to rise. He paddles with powerful strokes
A glance up into her eyes. He see the multiverse,
She bites her lips. Grips his head. Pushes deeply
He allow her to grind back and forth with great pleasure,
Then her legs start to tremble. She is almost there.

Electrical vibrations pulsate her heels to her brain,
Her body lie curled in the position where she was left
Puzzled… Confused… Damaged... but Satisfied,
He left her soaking wet, filled with expectation
Desiring more. Yearning for much more,
Yet and still... His meal complete.

Eating after dark…

From Poet to Poet - Andre Rome

© 2016 All Rights Reserved