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Dr. Amorous2016/11/23

Ivana Spanglish, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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If your walls could speak,
Would they talk about us
And the things we've done,
As silent they've stood witness?

Would they tell of how
You've anxiously turned me to face them,
Impatiently shoving against,
As soon as I've stepped through your door...

Your left hand holding my neck firmly,
The right dropping my defenses to my ankles,
Fingers exploring realms,
Soaking in delight?

Would they express how you've made me squirm,
And burn with an uncontrollable desire;
How I've moaned for you to go deep inside,
With swelling lips begging to be hushed?

Would they disclose how you force me to the floor, 
Down on all fours,
While I've whimpered and writhed,
Like a dog, begging for more?

And of how I've pleaded with you,
To drive in from behind,
As they've watched without a sound,
Us imitating two animals in a mating ritual?

Would they voice how you've raised me from the ground,
Thighs straddling your waist,
As you slipped inside, legs wrapped around,
For a ride to your bedroom,

Leaving them to wonder what comes next?


Dr. Amorous2016/11/23

Classy Masseuse, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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If you are having a cramp. Time to book your next appointment to our massage therapist. You want a little more than your average happy ending? If you are searching for a top quality masseuse that takes pleasure in stimulating your mind, body and soul. Make sure you come prepared to be satisfied. This classy lady specializes in full body massages with some of our special edible oils that can be found here at the AnDreamers Multiverse. She is the one that will eat you alive. 

Dr. Amorous2016/10/04

Salma Swallow, ANDREAM™ Courtesans

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Ever thought of how your day would be if you were escorted by a professional porn star? How do you imagine your evening would be? How about your night? Having more than two thousand films under her belt which can be found a click of a button. It would be difficult for anyone not to find exactly what you are paying for. When experience matter, do yourself a favor and look no further. You have selected a award winning sex goddess for your evening of seduction, dreams, and imagination.