Andre Rome2017/08/01


Her legs are now placed high into the air, 
The length of her limbs are felt by his palms
Hunger takes over as his mouth begins to water,
Massaging her ankle gently with his tongue
Bites appear on her thigh as he make his descent,
Lower… Lower… than lower… He climbs.

Her body begins to speak in multiple languages,
As most cunnilinguist. He understand her quite well
The outside of her clitorus begins to glisten,
The saliva from his mouth moistens his finger tips
He enter her castle doors without thought to knock,
Her moans reassure him that he is welcome.

His tongue rides the waves that make her ocean,
Tides begins to rise. He paddles with powerful strokes
A glance up into her eyes. He see the multiverse,
She bites her lips. Grips his head. Pushes deeply
He allow her to grind back and forth with great pleasure,
Then her legs start to tremble. She is almost there.

Electrical vibrations pulsate her heels to her brain,
Her body lie curled in the position where she was left
Puzzled… Confused… Damaged... but Satisfied,
He left her soaking wet, filled with expectation
Desiring more. Yearning for much more,
Yet and still... His meal complete.

Eating after dark…

From Poet to Poet - Andre Rome

© 2016 All Rights Reserved

Dr. Amorous2017/03/31

The power of seduction in our everyday lives | Chen Lizra | TEDxVancouver

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With nearly a decade of experience in the animation industry, working on projects for MTV, TVA, Alliance Atlantis, Mainframe Entertainment and Radical Entertainment, Chen Lizra's intellect, imagination and creative thinking evolved her into a branding expert.

In 2009 & 2012 Chen was nominated as one of the "YWCA Women of Distinction in Vancouver," and was recently honored by the Australian government with a Distinguished Talent Permanent Visa for her international achievements in the arts. As the international author of "My Seductive Cuba, a unique travel guide", Chen has won two awards in the US, including the prestigious IPPY Book Award. With a passion for dance and creative movement, Lizra offers students seduction workshops and focused lectures and seminars about the art of seduction in our everyday lives.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Dr. Amorous2017/03/29

Ask A Porn Star: "How Far Did You Get In School?"

On this episode of Ask A Porn Star, we ask them how far they got in school. Starring Missy Martinez, Rizzo Ford, Harley Jade, Sophia Grace, Alison Rey, Riley Reyes, Stevie Foxx, Rain DeGrey, Amarna Miller, Mickey Mod, Cindy Starfall, April O'Neil, Ela Darling, Aubrey Snow, Amber Ivy, Brian Street Team, Trinity St Clair, Vyxen Steel, Claire Robbins, Aiden Starr, Nikki Next, Lauren Phillips, Star Nine, Dava Foxx, Veruca James, Mick Blue, Anikka Albrite, Leya Falcon, Kassondra Raine, Kenzie Taylor, August Ames, Dixie Comet, Allie Haze, Jade Nile, Daisy Lane, Aaron Wilcoxxx.

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Dr. Amorous2016/10/18

Barbie Babylon, ANDREAM™ Courtesans 

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Not even the richest man in Babylon could resist giving Barbie his first ten percent. Who on earth could resist? She walks into the room. Drops to her knees. Then begins worshiping your throne. You wouldn't have to be her king to experience exceptional servitude. Only her King for tonight. Forbidden pleasures should be enjoyed. Do not allow society to dictate your perception of over indulgence. Fill yourself with euphoric pleasures only obtained by those of whom which have the desire to obtain what the mind yurns for the most. 

Dr. Amorous2016/10/18

Karolina Blow, ANDREAM™ Courtesans 

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Gentlemen, we have a special treat for you this evening. Sit back on the couch, unzip your pants, and get ready to have your mind blown. Beleive me when i say this. It doesn't get any better than a beautiful woman with a oral fixation. Whether you find yourself in between business meetings or on your way home before picking up the groceries. This is one stop before you reach your destination that you do not want to miss. If your are busy at work daydreaming about how find your way to heaven. Schedule an appointment to be blown. 

Dr. Amorous2016/10/11

Die Teacher's Pet, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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Class is about to end and your favorite little trouble maker is disrupting class again. Her name is already on the chalkboard with three check marks. She might have brought you that apple in the morning. However that doesn't substitute for misbehavior. Time for you to pull out the ruler and make sure she knows who's class this is. Now the bell has rung and all the students have left the class room. Except one... Detention anyone? 

Dr. Amorous2016/10/11

Cassy Holiday, ANDREAM™ Courtesans

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Ready for a vacation? You know the best time spent on vacation is in the bedroom. Sleep, sex, and then your breakfast served in bed. Time to relax your mind and let your conscious free. In the words of Jay-Z. Today is not just anyday. It's a holiday. One that should be celebrated and appreciated. Don't start the festivities alone. Contact us today and we will send you Cassy who is more than experienced with extra curricular activities. 

Dr. Amorous2016/10/10

Malinka Petite, ANDREAM™ Courtesans

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Malinka Petite, ANDREAM™ Courtesans

In the mood for a dinner for two? A romantic evening with a beautiful young female can create something more than just the occasional business trip to Germany. Candle light dinner might sound a bit more tempting. You might just want to pack her up in your suitcase and carry her to your next area of operation. Don’t hesitate to ask. This charming young petite little queen is more than capable of pleasuring you as the hours turn into days. If you are in need of a discreet companion contact us today. 

Dr. Aromous2016/08/06

S.S. Jenny 2000, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

"Ladies and Gentlemen: This bisexual dreamboat will keep you a float while you may feel like a castaway lost at sea. If you are in town for a business trip and you cannot find the most desirable dessert on the menu in the hotel lobby? Then it is time for you to order the type of room service that comes without the deliver guy… Forget about the soft core pornographic material that the cable channel has to offer. Time to order the complete package."

Sonyuru Ivanov

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S.S. Jenny 2000™

Dr. Amorous2016/08/04

Top Shelf Sharon, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

"Whether you are visiting the Frankfurt area for vacation or business it is important to experience the highest in quality in catering and courtesan. Sure you could visit the districts for the assembly line of customers stalking the stairwells and roaming the streets. Or you could bypass the spectators and order the type of company that knocks on your hotel room. Save yourself the trouble of careless companions demanding their drinks paid in advance. Avoid the expensive cup of juice and order something top shelf."

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Top Shelf Sharon™

Dr. Amorous2016/08/03

Countess Dom Vampira, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

"In the mood for a dominant succulent seducer? Take a moment to breathe in every single centimeter of this magnificent erotic vampire courtesan. Be sure to keep her in doors during the hours of daylight. She prefers to be taken in the bedroom, or the shower, or the sofa… If you catch her eye contact you might melt beneath her powerful gaze. So keep your mind focused on your performance, or you might end up premature ejaculating. Sign up for a ride on the dark side. Latex, spandex, and unforgettable sex is in your future…"

Caramela Jones

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Countess Dom Vampira™

Dr. Amorous2016/07/16

The M.I.L.F. Express, ANDREAM™ Courtesan

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"When you're in the mood for some erotic pleasure and porn just isn't satisfying your craving. Your business trip to Frankfurt just isn’t as satisfying without spending the night when a sexy companion. Don’t board that plane in the morning without experiencing the best Germany has to offer. You need someone who aims to bring your erection to attention and cause a volcanic eruption. You need to get in touch with a woman who specializes in pornographic behaviors and activities. Someone who will leave your hotel with you lying in a sweat soaked bed daydreaming about the past few hours that has transpired. Look no further. Give a call and make an appointment with a professional in seduction, dreams, and imagination."

Richard Themes, PhD.