Dr. Amorous2017/10/10

 Seduction. Dreams. Imagination. 101

Spontaneity is key. Women love when you are able to step in and take their minds from the normality of reality. Most people live within routines. Day to day objectives. Stress from work. Have a great ear can be a positive move in your conquest. Sometimes a female just needs to let off steam. Help her relax. Get personal. Show interest.

Being a powerful seducer can lead you to living the life you dream about. What is your deepest desire? Are you someone who reaches for your goals? Or do you find yourself sitting on the sideline of your own life? Time is too precious to be on the outside looking in. Your world should be your priority. Don’t find yourself living someone’s dream. You will never be able to wake up.

Imagining greatness within takes more than simple thought. Action brings forth the manifestations you wish to perceive. Each day you should be taking a step forward. Don’t focus on the money or opinion of others. Focus on using your imagination to create your own reality. You will find a sense of freedom mentally.

Seduction. Dreams. Imagination. Our three pillars of excellence. As a member of the AnDreamers Multiverse we encourage you to join us weekly as we share desire, passion, & memoirs. The art of seduction requires much more than the affairs of the heart. Dreams cannot be manifested in reality while we sleep. It is imagination that is the thread binding the three into one perception.