Dr. Amorous2017/12/07

Seduction. Dreams. Imagination. 102

Seduction. Dreams. Imagination.

The art of seduction requires skill and patience. Women enjoy a man who is aggressive. Knows how to take what they want. Does not back down when you are faced with pressure. Not everyone is worth fighting for. Keep in mind that there are often negative forces waiting to take advantage of your emotions. Dominate the opposition.

There has to be more to life than living by rules. Do you allow society to dictate your future? Life is about standing up for who you are and what you believe in. Challenges might arise. What do we do when we are challenged? Defeat is not an option. Live your dreams. 

Be creative. Take initiative. Nobody can tell you who you are when you already know. Our core values stem from within the soul. Which reaches deeper than any outside force can penetrate. Once you find it. It burns as bright as a violet flame. Imagination is that light. You are the only person who can spark it. Or you let it be put out.

Seduction. Dreams. Imagination. Our three pillars of excellence. As a member of the AnDreamers Multiverse we encourage you to join us weekly as we share desire, passion, & memoirs. The art of seduction requires much more than the affairs of the heart. Dreams cannot be manifested in reality while we sleep. It is imagination that is the thread binding the three into one perception.