You are now invited to join us in the AnDreamers Multiverse. I hope that you enjoy your visit within our sexual paradise. My name is Andre Rome, owner, and visionary of ANDREAM™ UG. I am a novelist and entrepreneur. I am currently writing a book series entitled R. THEMES OF HUMANITY™.

The release date for the first book within the series will be announced this year. I hope that you enjoy your stay in our multiverse. If you are feeling a bit confused, this is because you should be. Our website has been designed as a visual representation of the lifestyle, characteristics, and ideology in our sci-fi erotic series.

You will find a variety of blogs, products, and services that aim to elevate your levels of seduction, dreams, and imagination. Some of you might not find our content acceptable considering your backgrounds and beliefs. If this is true. We most certainly understand and encourage you to politely exit from our paradigm.

Welcome to the AnDreamers Multiverse™

Ladies and Gentlemen you have now arrived into the AnDreamers Multiverse. Your paradigm has currently been shifted into an alternate dimension where readers who love erotica meet the greatest minds in science. An abstract perceptual field more evolved than that of the one you mistakenly call reality. The truth about humanity's abilities has always been a mystery hidden beneath the third eye that is within us. Who we are. What we can do. The possibilities of the human mind are and forever will be considered unlimited.

Time travel. Telepathy. Immortality... Fact or Fiction?

A new philosophical theory has emerged. PERCEPTION OF IMMORTALITY. Where time and space has separated from one another. What age would you be without the conception of time? Time travel, telepathic abilities… even immortality is merely a form of concentrated thought. An inch away from what we believe and what we choose not to. 

Society has blinded the masses. Forces individuals to believe that we should be ruled or governed. Spied upon, or held under interrogation. Judged or even executed. Leaving behind only the most eager minds to fend and fight for their own survival. The personalities of humanity clash against one another in an opera style form of taking or be taken. Control and be controlled. Only the bold will move forth. Only the survivalist will learn to evolve. 

In the andreamers multiverse, you will have freedom of choice. Any mind invaders can and should be destroyed. The only ramifications placed upon your souls will be the liberation of thought. In this multiverse, we have freed ourselves from the judgmental eyes of predators who aim to mislead your thoughts. Confuse your world. Reap from your future. Force you into monogamy, enslavement, and abstinence. This multiverse has been created for all you kinky intellectual masterminds.

The year is unknown. In fact, how would the year be known to any human being? If you take a moment and think about it, we are actually living in a time period that only exist because we have agreed to it. Being born of this age and spending a mere fraction of what time and space has to offer. How could anyone argue against the fact that we have no idea what year this is? We count from a date agreed upon and shared by a religion.

R. THEMES OF HUMANITY™ is the title of anDREAM UG new sci-fi erotic book series that encompasses a universe where the main character is known as RICHARD THEMES™. R. Themes is a time traveler who is unaware of his abilities to manipulate time. He must learn how to evolve.

Journey into the anDREAMERS MULTIVERSE™ where we will join Richard and his friends along an eternal journey. A time-traveling quantum physicist traveling around the world unlocking the unlimited possibilities of the human mind. Unraveling the hidden mysteries of thought and perception can become a bit distracting for Richard Themes while satisfying his addiction to nymphomaniacs. It’s a bit of a sci-fi erotica.

"As QUANTUM TIME TRAVVELER™ we travel to this time period to share our perception with your world. A multiverse that is in the near future. A future that humanity will perceive as a whole. A perception that will guarantee every being in existence an infinite amount of time to create and perceive a future that is built from within. As we all understand. The UNIVERSE PROVIDES™ all that we desire. Our perception will gradually manifest the surroundings and experience needed for our perception to become reality."


"As in the past. In the future. When all businesses are no longer required to exist. Workingwomen remain. As the perception of the women who thrive off having the opportunity to receive wealth from performing sexual acts continues to survive across the perceptive fields throughout time. So does the perception of receiving gold from the women who perform sexual acts remains. The thrill of transferring currency for a sexual escapade with a courtesan remains a forefront all of nymphomaniacs and satirist of humanity."


“If you are interested in booking one of our queens today please feel free to contact us and make a reservation. ANDREAM™ specializes in providing you with the intellectual women who crave sexual attention and provide deep passion and orgasmic pleasures that will guarantee to keep your mind stimulated in sensual bliss.”


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