Dr. Amorous2017/12/11

If I was a woman. I know I’d be a courtesan. 

If I was a woman. I know I’d be a courtesan. 

You might ask how could I say such a thing? It’s the truth. Not that I have in anyway some secret infatuation with the male species. Nor would it bring me great pleasure to imagine myself as a woman. It is strictly about the financial gain. How I would carry myself... 

I could not imagine being some lowly street hooker fumbling for loose change on the street. But a elegant woman. After lust and luxury. I suppose my mind is fixated the same as a nympho. As your doctor. Amorous is more than just a title. I breath erotic pleasures. 

Live for the feel of tender flesh. Even the thought of something as gentle as a feminine touch skin inspires me to engulf myself into such delicacies. As do many heterosexual men agree. Even the bisexual eye of a female cannot refuse the luster of a female’s bosom. 

Why should she? Why should we? Men I encourage you all to embrace your raging hormones. Do not allow society to dictate or navigate your thoughts astray. There is no shame in passion. No sorrow in seduction. Like everything in the world. You get what you pay for.

Discretion is a luxury that not everyone can afford. For these reasons our courtesans remain anonymous. A lifetime of passion and penance. Luxury and lust. Romance and royalty. Quality has a price. Value should never be underappreciated. So why would I be a escort?